A very special collaboration between Studio Jag Sihra
and renowned luxury British fragrance house,

Boadicea The Victorious.

The inception, design and creation of a luxurious collection of silk scarves launched to depict the exquisite fragrance profiles from their perfume collection.

Jag created these bespoke designs using a combination of her own signature botanical illustrations and colour palette in harmony with the bold symbols and Celtic motifs from the iconic Boadicea brand story.

“It was a pleasure to work with the Boadicea brand and the stylistic synergies between us were natural.

The brief from the wonderful team at Boadicea was open and free, so there was this complimentary luxury and elegance.

It felt effortless to bring these fragrances to life through my art”.


Laura Green is a talented designer based in London with an impressive pedigree in couture.
Her beautifully cut and tailored silhouettes are the perfect garments for Jag Sihra prints.

This is an ongoing and joyous collaboration between the two studios and Jag designs exclusive prints for each individual brief.

“It is wonderful to experiment with a variety of weights and textures of silk which in turn bring my illustrations to life, resulting in a unique personality for each couture piece.”

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