We love to celebrate the meeting of skills across sectors and creative disciplines and some of our best work is the result of beautiful collaborations with complementary Brands.

We offer a Bespoke Design Service where we can collaborate with you or your Brand to create fully unique and customised illustrated silk pieces. Whether it’s a limited-edition range of silk scarves to go hand in hand with a product launch or to commemorate a special event. Or perhaps a one-off spectacular gift of an exquisite silk wall-hanging.

At Studio Jag Sihra we have the proven experience and skill set to captivate and elevate your Brand and provide an enduring keepsake which your customers will cherish for a lifetime. We have the expertise to ensure that commercial challenges are met and that the outcome of any brief is delivered beautifully against the most discerning customers’ expectations.

See below for examples of how we can work with you.

Bespoke Collections

  • Exclusive, expert design for your brand label or co-branded design collaboration
  • Bespoke luxury silk accessory ranges, co-created and inspired by your DNA, values and identity
  • Limited edition collections, to celebrate memorable moments, drive revenue and brand appeal
  • Strong commercial acumen to meet project targets
  • Exquisitely crafted, sustainably sourced & manufactured

only for you

  • Personal celebration of a special occasion
  • 1:1 design consultation to co-create exquisite, unique luxury silk keepsake, rich in emotional memories
  • Indulgent, luxury experience with personal mood boards & sketches
  • Exquisitely crafted in Britain Sustainably sourced & manufactured