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Discover our exquisite launch collections of pure silk printed scarves and pocket squares. Hand illustrated, expertly crafted and beautifully hand finished.   

Here at Studio Jag Sihra, we are proud that the making of our artefacts takes time. Every design begins with original drawings and paintings. 

With an endless imagination for stories inspired by a prestigious design career in travel, each Jag Sihra piece is a true collectible, to be cherished for generations; unique, timeless, elegant and always beautiful.


From original pencil sketch and painting to finished artwork, our printed pieces are meticulously crafted classics.  A passion for perfection is matched by the precise craftsmanship and enduring quality of our carefully selected global artisanal manufacturing partners.

We embrace their continuing commitment to developing a more environmentally sustainable industry, and our shared dedication to protect the natural world, whose beauty we celebrate in our luxurious designs.

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As an accomplished textile design studio with years of commercial experience, we offer expert private label design for distinctive and luxurious corporate gifting and curated retail ranges.

And we have a passion for design collaborations; identifying and drawing inspiration from brand DNA and combining that essence with the artistry of a Jag Sihra design.

Whether it’s a limited edition exclusive to go hand in hand with a product launch, or to commemorate a special event, at Studio Jag Sihra we combine the personal touch with proven experience and an inhouse team with the skill set to deliver exquisitely crafted products.   

We create memories and provide enduring keepsakes to be cherished for a lifetime.


Shop Our Collections 

Emerald Blossom Twilly and Eye Mask Gift Set Studio Jag Sihra

Blossom Twilly & Eye Mask – Emerald Gift Set

Emerald Blossom Eye Mask Studio Jag Sihra

Blossom Silk Eye Mask – Emerald

Raspberry Blossom Eye Mask Studio Jag Sihra

Blossom Silk Eye Mask – Raspberry

Foliage Silk Twilly Sapphire Studio Jag Sihra

Foliage Silk Twilly – Sapphire